Do you forget about the power of your hands? Are you only paying attention to them when they ache?  Our hands are truly amazing, and most of the day, they are ignored!  That’s why I love using hand mudras…… you know, different positions of your fingers to activate energy traveling through your body in a mindful, calming manner.  If this is new for you, I would like to suggest that you intuitively use them, and simply are not aware.

Try this:  bring the tips of your fingers to touch….. yes, your right hand fingers, gently touching the tips of your left hand fingers.  As if you were creating a ball.  Now, gently rub the tips of your fingers in tiny circles or simply allow the tips of the fingers to touch each other. Notice the sensation you feel in your body.  It may be helpful to close your eyes so you can focus on “feeling” the sensation, rather than “thinking” this through.  Where do you feel something in your body?  Notice how your brain feels? Have you ever done something similar while you were problem solving?

This particular hand mudra is called:  Hakini and it assists all the systems of the body in overall health and wellness; balances the right and left energy channels of the body.  This is a very calming tool that can be used anywhere. Are there moments in your day where a bit of balance would support you?  For example, when rereading an email you’ve  written to ensure you have stated your communication clearly. If your mind and body unwind, and feel at ease, might you be more attentive to the details?

This tool is organic for me, and hope you find it helpful too!