One of my favorite books:  Journey to the Heart, by Melody Beattie.  My copy is worn, torn and very loved, with tape on the spine holding it together.  The pages are soft, rounded edges, and a few “sticky” notes decorate the edges as well.  Yesterday’s reading was “Trust the Unknown…… Not knowing has taught you about life’s magic.  It has connected you to yourself and to the universe. ….Not knowing has taught you to know more than you could ever imagine.”

With a tag line of “Trust, Explore and Transform”, Melody’s words touched my heart. Like a butterfly whose wings spread, inviting floating around flowers and plants, I feel my heart is guiding new flight. As part of a business goal and challenge, I am choosing share and follow my intuition. Trusting the unknown gave me strength to navigate several difficult months of chaos, compelling me to lean into my belief in trust.  Each time I pay attention to the small nudge inside, of the fleeting thought to “call  X”, the outcome rejuvenated soul.  I could share all the “practices and tools” I use, yet, that is simply a vehicle to arrive at trust.  Yesterday, I talked myself saying… “this is exactly where you need to be..”  get out of ego. Once I truly “let go”, and trusted the experience, it was just what my heart needed.  Amazing!

So I wonder, anyone out there experiencing a new sense of revitalization at this time?