“Shake the burden that comes from seeing your baby steps, Alissa, as a necessary discipline.
See them, instead, as optional dance moves, in life’s conga line, that spark miracles, open floodgates, and lead to the near effortless manifestations of magnetic heart centered inspirational programs.
   The Universe
This morning I received this message, and thought: Effortless Manifestations?  What had I been ignoring, or unaware of, or better yet, yearning to experience that i would smile when I read this message from the Universe?  My mantra in meditation aligns perfectly, which is what brought a smile to my face.  At the same time, I also was felt uncertain. 
If you live in NJ, the morning air was brisk, clear and the sun was just coming into view. It was going to be one of the “top ten” weather days… (which it is!).  A brief side bar: the previous day, which was cold and raining, I reunited with colleague. We enjoyed a wonderful conversation and she invited me to reassess my communication – meaning – be more grounded AND, say what you mean, at all times!
Our conversation left me feeling elated, scared, anxious and open all at the same time! Quite a mixture of emotions. I trusted myself, and began to breathe deeply and walk with a sense of connection to the day. The contract between the sea blue sky and the brilliant reds, yellows and oranges of the leaves on trees, opened my heart. These leaves express what I was feeling and I interpreted this beauty with the energy of authentic communication.  I’ve always looked to nature to help me to understand my life… that is part of what I call : exploration.
Take a close look at the colors, shapes and sizes of these leaves. Look at the contract between sun and shade. Like our thoughts and words, the colors and shapes touch each other, blend and mold the overall look and feel of what we are seeing. Our words and actions do this for our relationships. I do know, these two experiences are not coincidences.  A startling heart opening conversation, followed by the intensity and clarity of visual beauty within 12 hours…… In my world, there is a deep connection.  To round out this experience, I had a authentic, heart felt and difficulty conversation with someone I love dearly.  I feel transformed  as I am no longer experiencing doubt.
So I ask you, would you consider these experiences effortless manifestation? When your life aligns for you in a different manner, are you open to receiving the nudge or push to take the next step? Let your baby steps lead you to magnetic heart centered inspiration throughout your day.