One of my daily mindfulness practices is to pick a card, to assist in tapping into my intuition.  Simply by asking “what do I need to know now?”, reveals amazing information for me. It is a tool I use with clients during our sessions. Not surprisingly, they request to receive the picture for personal reference at the end of our session……. Okay, back to my story.  The other day, I picked “animal totem”; which simply made me ponder “Okay and what?”.  This morning I picked “grounded” and “centered”.  Both messages are deeply meaningful, especially today, Erev Yom Kippur, the Jewish holiday for atonement.  I know the importance of being centered, as I engage in community prayer and the value of feeling grounded is essential, for me. This morning on my walk,  a brown fox walked in opposition of me for about 2 minutes….a very long time.  We looked directly at each other, and he continued to prance on his way. (It was a male, “who marked his spot” as I looked at him!)

It was only when I saw the Fox, that I remembered the message from 2 days ago, combined with this mornings “be grounded” and “Centered”.  Peaking my interest, I googled the meaning of Fox energy: pay attention to details, heightened sense of awareness and act wisely.  Then I read the words “Stealthy can be Healthy”. The Fox is able to discern the details, follow it’s intuition, behave with caution and know the difference between “right and wrong”.  Are you beginning to see the dots connect?  Beginning a New Year with a clean and clear spiritual slate is essence of the Jewish High Holidays. As I observe Yom Kippur, the objective is to be centered, grounded and heighten my awareness  in word, deed and action.  The 10 days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are designed to provide the landscape to reflect on the past year:  behavior, actions, thoughts, and reconcile with those one may have hurt.

As I reflect on the communication I experienced with the Fox this morning, it was a spiritual message of support, guidance and reassurance that I collaborate with the Universe in joy, service and gratitude.  At this moment, I am grateful for the life I have, the service I offer and the joy inside my heart.

May this coming year be “Stealthy and Healthy”

Shalom, Namaste