Here’s what I notice about connection and support… we (myself included) tend to look outside ourselves when the first approach is to be “with ourselves”…. Sounds so simple and actually, one way I have found to accomplish this is to write every morning for 10 minutes. You might be saying  “I don’t have time”… that’s allowing the “itty bitty sh…committee” to direct your actions and thoughts.

Get out of your own way, begin to recognize you have value, and one way to actively participate in that shift, is to get connected with your own thoughts.

There’s no reason to make a big deal about this… simply pick up a piece of paper and pen, and write whatever you mind is thinking.  If that doesn’t resonate, write about your favorite beverage, piece of clothing, something innate.  After 10 minutes, take a look at your words, highlight the descriptive ones.  These are words from you, about you and a perfect way to connect with your “inner wisdom”1  Remember, have fun!