Yin for the Mind

Yin for the Mind

Yin for the Mind is a 21-day guided program that supports you to press your own “pause” button; it is a daily practice to mentor you in experiencing clarity, clear thinking and being present. Designed from my personal writing practice of gratitude and capturing my own thoughts, combined with the experience of flow and calm from yoga, Yin for the Mind is simple, fun and effective!

It is simple: You receive everything into your “inbox” and will be guided for ten minutes each day to be with yourself. You will experience a deeper connection to yourself, letting go of the “monkey mind” and expanding your heart centered decision making (your intuition).

In yoga, we seek balance – Yin/Yang strength balanced with flexibility; movement with stillness; action and pause. Yin yoga is a style that restores the body’s systems by remaining in one pose and allowing energy flow for healing of the body.

Yin for the Mind focuses on you tapping into your inner voice and listening with new perspective. As this energy flows, your creativity increases, productivity expands, and more effective decision-making is at your fingertips.

What do you need to know?

Investment: $27

You will receive 21 days of guided activities to inspire you in 10 minutes each day. They can remain in your inbox for as long as you want, which means you can revisit any activity whenever you wish! It truly is simple! Now you can decide…
Are you ready to Trust, Explore and Transform your life?