As I write this blog, I am truly wondering what piece of information/message is appropriate for the New Moon – the first Spring New Moon Spring – a time for new beginnings, chirping birds, sunlight and a feeling of possibilities, typically surrounds me. What about you? What does your Soul want you to know about this time of year?

As I raised my head, I noticed the words: “Change Your Perspective”, which truly made me smile! Why? Our home is in the midst of renovation, a labor of love that has been in our minds for over 18 years. Currently, a wall has been taken down, creating an open space living area. As exciting as it is, the actual process is much longer and slower than anticipated. Those of you who have lived through home renovation understand… there is a huge difference between the energy of vision and demolition, and the reality of construction. The optimist visionary in us sees the end result – fortunately, the engineer also knows that every detail must be thought through prior to actually moving forward.

Laughter, long walks and stepping back are providing me the essential components of changing my perspective towards this project – sometimes on a day-to-day basis! Three areas are truly in the process of shifting:

1. Actual living space

2. Relationships – whether it’s conversation or raising self-awareness, joy and grace are required

3. Decision making regarding unexpected details

The change in perspective allows flow and synchronicity to be the guiding energy at this time. This shift enables me to feel the process, and learn from each step of the way, resulting in heart centered more effective decision making. To support me in this process, whenever I feel out of sync, I am using this phrase as my new mantra: “I am busy being Awesome!”

What is happening in your life that changing your perspective may help you? Think about it.