Corporate Wellness

Each business has its own set of objectives. My custom programs are designed to both enhance each individual group’s communication, and also improve its ability to interact at a higher level. I work with businesses to help them create a unique formula to meet their wellness objectives.

Change is a constant in the modern business landscape: Both organizations and the team dynamics within them are in a consistent state of flux. My programs help them adapt to change, empowering employees to grow resiliency and address feelings of being overwhelmed and over-scheduled.

Key elements of any corporate wellness program include, but are not restricted to:

  • Assessment
  • BACC (Breathe, Align, Center, Create) Process & Technique
  • Self-awareness strategies and concepts to bring about body alignment and self-empowerment

At the end of an engagement, your employees feel calm, confident, have an increased ability to collaborate with their team, and are more centered and focused.

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