Small Group Sessions

My small group program emphasizes simple strategies to empower your leadership style for health and well being.

Multitasking, overscheduling, and raising a family creates stress, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, mentally drained, and physically exhausted.

In this program you will learn tools that defuse the stress to experience mental clarity, physical relaxation, improved decision-making, as well as increased confidence, creativity and productivity.

This experiential, interactive and science-based learning journey will get you moving to create a plan that works for you.  Learn to connect to your body’s energy, understand your communication style, and integrate this information.

This 12-week program meets every week (50-minute sessions). You will stay connected through my weekly “on the go” listening support & motivational quotes.  Get exclusive access to the Alissa Okrent Facebook page where you can learn more about how this program can support you in your overall wellness plan. I have created a workbook that will walk you through the process of implementing the strategies learned.

New Workshop:

This fun, 4-part workshop will support you in creating your Energy Blueprint. You will learn the power of gratitude, improve your communication style, become more confident, and activated. By deepening your understanding of energy, intention and alignment, you will expand your deep knowing of self and personal acceptance.

Workshop sessions include:

Tap into your energy.

It’s all about gratitude. Change your narrative and learn the power of gratitude to get “unstuck” and gain an active connection to your soul and your inner wisdom.
When you live with the attitude of gratitude, your energy thrives!


You are amazing!

Be comfortable with being still. Sounds outside your everyday experience?  Together, you will listen to your inner voice and align your mind and soul to feel mentally clear and purposeful throughout your day. Breathe to calm or energize your body, attitude, and vitality. Create a plan of action that supports realistic goals.


Get real and know your deal.

It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.  Learn how to distinguish your drivers, intentions, and purpose to break down the way you communicate and how others relate to you. You will laugh, experience an “a-ha” moment and embrace who you are with joy!

Let's Dance!

It’s time to move your body. Learn basic body alignment to release tension, stiffness, and stress. At the end of this session, you will feel calm, clear, and at peace.  Busy and don’t have time to implement, this workshop is filled with “on the go” strategies to match your busy lifestyle. Re-align your body, get focused, and reduce your stress.

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I look forward to helping you create and define experiences that mold you as an individual, and inspire you to be your true self!