1:1 Clients

Your work will continue to encourage me to stand in a space of peace and confidence as I move forward and create a life that supports me.  I say all this to say “thank you” for your gentle and straightforward approach to living a more powerful life. I appreciate you.


Working one-to-one with Alissa is amazing.  When I am unfocused and unsure of the problem that has triggered me, Alissa’s guidance, insights, and educational style helped me.She taught me tools to use so I could to move past the sorrow and overwhelm to feeling more calm and focused.  Wow!


Social Media Expert

Thank you, Alissa, for my Energetic BluePrint experience! I have studied many self- empowerment tools over the years and your tool has  helped me achieve a much higher understanding of myself and how I relate to others.

Chrissy P.

I worked with Alissa on my Energetic Blueprint. Her warm and caring nature made it easy to connect with her. She provided a great explanation and meaning of her process and tools.Through guided meditation and other tools, she helped me create strategies to keep me calm and gain more clarity in my day.

D. Bisanz

Grieving Coach

Workshop Participants

Wonderful workshop. I employ everything I learned in my life! I have shared what I learned with my daughter, a stressed-out college student.

Best class I ever attended. I really believe everyone should take your workshops because the world would be a much more considerate, patient, productive place to live.

I am so grateful that I signed up for Alissa’s workshop.  Through her guidance and knowledge, I  learned new information and  discovered techniques for dealing with stress.


Alissa’s unique lectures, webinars, and coaching services are nothing less than stellar.  Our organization is   fortunate to have access to Alissa’s talents and skills!  I’d strongly recommend utilizing Alissa’s talents at your organization.